Free socks for all

The benefits program at Unacast is awesome, but it is the item mentioned at the very bottom of the long list of benefits that best describes how we think about work: We provide a yearly budget for everyone to buy kickass socks 🧦

April 4, 2018

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What does a sock budget reveal about a company, you might say?


  • We are friendly. We don’t wear shoes at Unacast offices and this has a huge impact on the culture and how we treat each other. When you wear socks you feel at home and safe, and you are surrounded with friends
  • We are competitive. With a no-shoes policy suddenly your socks are visible. Every day. That brings in the competitive element of who has the best/weirdest/funniest socks
  • We have fun. Few things are more tongue-in-cheek than making socks a core component of a company culture
  • We are committed. When we saw that socks where becoming a “thing”, we included it in the official benefits program and in our external handbook and are now as a company paying for socks for everyone
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At Unacast, we believe in working hard, staying healthy (physically and mentally) and cultivating strong relationships both at work and at home. Our benefits are a reflection of our values. So, working with us means:

  • We are going to make sure you can save for your retirement with a good 401(k) plan in the US and pension fund payments in Norway
  • We are going to make sure you have a good health plan with good insurance
  • We are going to make sure you have enough paid time off should you become a parent, and provide equal time off for new moms and new dads
  • We are going to make sure you can stay healthy by paying for your gym subscriptions
  • We are going to make sure you eat well by providing you lunch and an always-stocked fridge
  • We are going to make sure you leave a climate positive imprint on the world by offsetting your carbon footprint and paying for green energy to counter balance our travelling. We call it our Air“Fair” policy
  • We are going to make sure you have control over your work/life balance by giving you unlimited vacation*
We know what you’re thinking here - unlimited vacation is a trap. One of those things that sounds great in theory, but that no one uses in practice. At Unacast, people actually take their vacation. No, seriously.The annual vacation entitlement minimum is 25 working days in each vacation year, for both US and NO staff
  • We are going to make sure you have fun by inviting you to monthly company events to experience new stuff and get to know your colleagues even better
  • We are going to make sure you get some TLC if you're home for a longer period of time, whether for a new baby or a bad flu that just won't go away
  • And lastly, since we have no shoes-policy at our offices, we are going to make sure your sock game is strong by giving you an annual amount to impress us with your socks. We look forward to see your sock fashion sense

(The article picture is from our NYC office by the way, and notice that it is the actual dog on the socks)

🧦 with ❤️ from Unacast