Life is kinda like a game

The theme of the 2018 Unacast Christmas party in Oslo was gaming and gaming culture. We experienced VR Games, AR games, console games, and arcade games. We had lectures and a quiz - all to learn more about this quickly growing entertainment, educational, and professional category. And, we had speeches about gaming. This was mine.

December 8, 2018

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Life is kinda like a game.

A game where you are both the hero and the person controlling the hero at the same time. Both in charge. And not in charge.

Life is kinda like a game.

A game where it is both casually fun and super serious at the same time.

Life is kinda like a game.

A game where you sometimes, most often perhaps, like to play alone, and sometimes with others.

But life is not kinda like a game in all respects.

It’s a not a game, or at least it shouldn’t be, when it comes to the chase for high scores or to be the last person standing. Because life is not about the end goal.

The ultimate inevitable goal of life is to die.

And we all reach that last level at some point. All of us. And it doesn’t matter what score you had. There will be no leaderboard. No winner.

Life is about the journey - it’s about playing the game - not winning it. Both in control and not. Both fun and serious. Both alone and with others.

And building a company is a lot like that too. It’s all of those things - and the more I learn about just that, building a company, the more I believe it’s too about the journey and not the high scores or last person standing.

There is however one big difference. Building a company is alway a team effort, always with others. With you. The dear people here today. It’s kinda like all the game characters you know and love would have all been together in the very same game. The best game ever!

I don’t have the right OR big enough words to describe how much I enjoy, and how humbled I am, of sharing the most important and profound journey of my life with all of you and all of our friends in NYC - it’s an emotional mix of love, respect, and lots and lots of laughter.

This is best game ever. Where you are Mario, Princess Peach, Samus, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Princess Zelda. Pacman, Nathan Drake, Sonic, GladOS, Lemmings, Lara Croft, and Link all at once, but set free - freed from the video games shackles and free to explore a world without the strict rules set by a game. This is the game of life.

Cheers to playing games with others. Cheers to not keeping score. Cheers to us.