The biggest thing at Slush was this tiny map

It's always cool to meet our partners in the wild and see how they are each and everyone sensor by sensor changing the world by connecting physical to digital. At the Slush conference in Helsinki, Steerpath showed us the way forward.

December 11, 2016

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Hei rakkaat lukijat,

We just came back from presenting at the main stage at Slush 2016, a two-day international startup and investor event, organized annually in Helsinki, Finland (hence the Finnish welcome above) where close to 2,000 startups, 800 venture capitalists, and 700 journalists from over 100 countries met to discuss all things technology.

It’s always cool to be on stage sharing our story and how we are building the Real World Graph™, but it’s even cooler to meet our partners in the wild, so to say, and see how they are each and everyone sensor by sensor changing the world by connecting physical to digital - creating magical moments.


One such magical moment certainly happened at Slush, or rather many of them, and it was not related to the appearance from Daniel Ek from Spotify, infamous investor Chris Sacca or even the Crown Prince of Norway or the Prince of the Netherlands. No, these magical moments where created by a Finnish company called Steerpath (previously Nimble Devices). Best of all, they are one of Unacast’s many partners.

Where’s the restroom?

We have all been to these huge conference where it’s near impossible to find the right booth, the right stage or any restroom - because indoor maps, well, suck. And this of course equally applies to any big venue, like shopping malls or airports. It’s simply not very easy to understand where to go, or how to get there.

GPS doesn’t cut it indoors (and it’s not very accurate outdoors either, but let’s save that one for a later post), so there is a need for alternative technology.

For Steerpath the solution was beacons. 240 beacons to be precise. By installing these beacons in the ceiling all over the 35,000m2 conference area creating 238 points of interest they could pinpoint the location of every user of the Slush app down to meters, if not centimeters.

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Magical mystery tour

I remember sitting in the meeting area talking to investors about the power of proximity by creating magical moments, and showing the Slush app to demonstrate how crazy precise this technology can be - even indoors. We sat at the corner table way in the back of meeting area east. I opened the app and the map.

The app showed us to be sitting at the corner table way in the back of meeting area east.

Check out more info on the Slush use case from Steerpath at Proxbook

This is the true value of sensors and power of proximity, and this is how magical moments are being created. It’s not mainly about push messages when customers are in physical stores. It’s navigation. It’s analytics. It’s attribution and retargeting. It’s data.

Thank you Steerpath for showing the way. Literally.