I'm writing about beacon networks in the definitive book on proximity

Key stakeholders from the proximity industry join forces to share knowledge on beacon deployments and more

July 1, 2016

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“Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem” is the first comprehensive survival guide for Bluetooth beacon app designers that unleash the power of the web into the physical world, and Unacast is heading up the chapter on Beacon Networks.

Steve Statler, an expert in beacon and location-based technologies, has released a new book entitled “Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem” that takes a look at the vivid effects that Bluetooth beacons are having on everything from improving the accuracy of the 911 system, finding products in stores, personalizing advertising based on shopper behavior, finding lost car keys, hands-free payments, reducing health care costs, helping sales people remember the names of customers and getting to the front of the line at Sea World.

Check out video interviews covering the main topics from the book here

Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters that use smartphones’ existing Bluetooth radio to provide information to app developers on the precise location of the user, indoors or out. This is something that wasn’t possible a few years ago. Bluetooth beacons were incubated in labs, but have “escaped” and are being deployed by the millions in venues such as The Guggenheim Museum, Fiat’s production line, San Diego International Airport, and a growing number of retailers including Target, Rite Aid and Macy’s. In fact, analysts predict that there will be 400 million beacons installed by 2020 and Google are planning for 10 billion.

The book serves as a guide for developers and others who want to immerse themselves in the beacosystem.  It covers topics such as:

  • Selecting the right beacon
  • The art of deploying and managing thousands of beacons
  • Where beacons are making a difference
  • The future of beacons, including beacon networks and where the opportunities are to make money

The timing is right for a deep dive into Proximity

“Having worked in a number of tech areas that have exploded in size, I knew that there’d be an upsurge in the number of people wanting to learn about beacons, to get a job, or even start up their own company centered on this technology,” said Statler.

Through his training and consulting Statler met other experts and recruited over a dozen of them to share their knowledge, including senior executives and CEOs of companies in the beacon ecosystem such as: Favrit, Gimbal, immr, IndoorLBS, The Location Based Marketing Association, LocationSmart, Radius Networks, tapGOconnect, Unacast, Rover, and Borenius (a leading privacy law firm).

“This book is for them. Whether you are a hobbyist, a VC, an engineer or a salesperson working in one of those thousands of companies adopting beacons, this book is a one-stop resource for you to find the answers”, continues Statler.

The rampant adoption of beacons is fueling a tsunami of over 500 startups and technology giants like Apple, Google and Cisco to place bets on a technology that Statler says is going to “change the mobile apps that we all use in a fundamental way.”

About the Author

Steve Statler gained his first experience of beacons when he worked as Senior Director of Strategy within the division that incubated Qualcomm’s Gimbal beacons. These have been used at Major League Baseball stadiums, Apple Stores and the Super Bowl. After leaving Qualcomm, he started his own consulting business where he worked with clients such as T-Mobile, San Diego International Airport and many of the startups, shaping the Beacosystem.

Available for Download and Purchase now

The book is now available on Amazon, in eBook and paperback. More information, including interviews with leaders of companies in the beacon ecosystem or “beacosystem,” can be found at www.hhgb.us.