Why Thomas Walle and I invested in The Nordic Web Angel Fund

Neil Murray of The Nordic Web closes an Angel Fund to invest into the most ambitious early-stage Nordic startups: The Nordic Web Angel Fund

January 21, 2018

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Thomas Walle and I have since the inception of Unacast been focused on helping the Norwegian innovation ecosystem grow (up).

We concluded early on that we could do this best by these two actions:

1) Building Unacast to become a global company
2) Sharing the story of how we actually built Unacast to become a global company

And now we are adding a third:

3) Investing in Nordic early phase companies

Late 2017 we invested in Neil Murray's new Nordic Web Angel Fund.

The Nordic Web will invest in 10-15 Nordic startups over the next 12 months making it one of the most active funds in the region

Investors in the fund consist of community builders and entrepreneurs from across the region including Norwegians: Kjartan Slette and Thomas Walle (Founders of Unacast), Johan Brand (Founder of Kahoot!), Martin Hauge, Anne Worsøe, as well as experienced investors from around Europe, such as Martin Mignot (Index Ventures), Christoph Janz (Point Nine Capital) and Philipp Moehring and Andy Chung (AngelList Europe)

The Nordic Web Angel Fund will invest across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Fund size is undisclosed but significant enough to make 10-15 early stage investments over the next 12 months.

Neil Murray: “I’m proud that The Nordic Web Angel Fund is backed financially by people who wish to play an active role in directly supporting the ecosystem in the Nordics. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of our investors in the fund, we can offer unrivalled support in helping early-stage Nordic startups, with access to a whole community behind them"

We are just getting started, and much to learn still. As we learn we will continue to focus on action 1, 2 and, now also, 3.

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